Metoprolol 100 mg Type L 100

Metoprolol Type L is a Steadfast Solution for Heart Conditions & Hypertension

Metoprolol Type L is well-regarded in the realm of managing heart diseases. It has proven effective in treating hypertension and controlling angina, in addition to reducing the risk of further cardiovascular complications.

Benefits of Metoprolol Type L

Metoprolol Type L effectively manages high blood pressure

Metoprolol helps control symptoms of angina (chest pain)

Metoprolol Type L mitigates the risk associated with recurrent heart conditions

Getting Started with Metoprolol Type L

At BetterYouRX, our patients’ health and wellness are priority number one. Our devoted staff is available to address your queries and concerns. Contact us at 1-647-576-2076 or 1-917-472-1249. We are committed to promoting and improving your health outcomes.

Side Effects

Understanding the potential side effects of Metoprolol Type L is critical to ensure effective treatment. Here are some frequent and severe side effects:

Common Side Effects:

  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Resting heart rate
  • Depressive disorder
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Low BP

Severe Side Effects:

  • Pain in the chest
  • Heartbeat not regular
  • Putting on weight
  • Feeling weak
  • Skin rash or itching
  • Hands or feet that swell


In the scenario of a suspected overdose, immediate contact with healthcare professionals or a poison control center is essential. Severe symptoms such as very slow heartbeat, severe dizziness, or fainting require immediate emergency medical attention.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. But if it is close to the time for your next dose, skip the first one and continue with your usual dosing schedule. Avoid doubling the dose to compensate for the missed one.


Metoprolol Type L should be kept at room temperature, away from light and water. Make sure that kids and pets can’t get to your medicines. Follow the rules in your area for adequately getting rid of old or useless medicines.

How Much is Metoprolol Type L 100mg?

BetterYouRX offers Metoprolol Type L 100 mg (100 tablets) for $30.88 because we care about your health. Every patient is different, and we personalize our healthcare services to their exact needs. Enjoy the convenience of having your Canadian prescriptions delivered to your home!

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What is Metoprolol Type L?

Metoprolol Type L belongs to a class of medications called beta-blockers. It’s used to treat high blood pressure, chest pain due to poor blood flow to the heart, and various conditions involving an abnormally fast heartbeat. It can also be used to prevent further heart problems after a heart attack or for patients with congestive heart failure.

How Does Metoprolol Type L Work?

Metoprolol Type L operates by blocking the actions of certain natural substances, such as adrenaline, on the heart and blood vessels. This action results in lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and strain on the heart.

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