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Eliquis: Your Path to Freedom from Clots with Apixaban

If you are taking apixaban to help prevent strokes or serious blood clots and have atrial fibrillation (a condition in which the heart beats erratically, increasing the risk of clots forming in the body and potentially causing strokes), you are at an increased risk of having a stroke after stopping this medication. Without first consulting your physician, do not discontinue taking apixaban. Even if you feel good, keep taking apixaban. To avoid missing any apixaban doses, make careful to replenish your prescription before you run out of medicine. 

Inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking any of the following medications: anagrelide (Agrylin); aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, and others), indomethacin (Indocin, Tivorbex), ketoprofen, and naproxen (Aleve, Anaprox, and others); cilostazol (Pletal); clopid

Call your doctor right away if you suffer any of the following symptoms: muscle weakness, particularly in your legs and feet; numbness or tingling, particularly in your legs; or loss of control over your bowels or bladder. You should discuss the dangers of taking apixaban with your doctor.

Why Prescribed

Apixaban is used to treat people with atrial fibrillation (a condition in which the heart beats erratically, raising the risk of blood clots forming in the body and potentially causing strokes) who are not suffering from heart valve damage prevent strokes or blood clots. In patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery, apixaban is also used to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot that typically forms in the leg, and pulmonary embolism (PE), a blood clot that forms in the lung.

After the initial course of treatment is finished, apixaban may be continued to prevent DVT and PE from occurring again. Factor Xa inhibitors are a group of medicines that includes apixaban. It functions by preventing the action of a certain natural chemical that promotes the formation of blood clots.

How to Apply

Apixaban is available as an oral tablet. It is often taken twice daily, with or without food. The first dosage of apixaban should be administered at least 12 to 24 hours after surgery if it is being used to prevent DVT and PE following hip or knee replacement. After a hip or knee replacement, apixaban is typically given for 35 days and for 12 days, respectively. Take apixaban every day at roughly the same time.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any instructions on your prescription label that you are unsure about following. Administer Apixaban exactly as prescribed. Never take it in larger or fewer amounts or more frequently than directed by your doctor. The tablets can be crushed and mixed with water, apple juice, or applesauce if you cannot swallow them whole. As soon as the mixture is ready, swallow it. You can also administer apixaban through several types of feeding tubes.

Ask your doctor if you should use your feeding tube to administer this medication. Carefully adhere to your doctor’s instructions. Even if you feel good, keep taking apixaban. Without first consulting your physician, do not discontinue taking apixaban. Your chance of developing a blood clot may increase if you stop taking apixaban.

Negative effects

Some adverse effects can be very harmful. Call your doctor right away if you encounter any of these symptoms, or seek emergency care:

  • Gum bleeding
  • Nasal bleeds
  • Prolonged vaginal bleeding
  • Brown, pink, or reddish urine
  • Tarry, crimson, or black stools
  • spitting up or coughing up blood or what seems to be coffee grounds
  • swollen or hurting joints
  • Migraine
  • rash
  • Chest stiffness or pain
  • facial or tongue swelling
  • difficulty breathing
  • Coughing
  • feeling weak or dizzy

If you are cut or injured, it could take longer than usual for the bleeding to cease because apixaban stops blood from clotting normally. Additionally, this drug may make it easier for you to bleed or bruise. If bleeding or bruising is unusual, severe, or uncontrollable, call your doctor straight once. Other negative effects of apixaban are possible. If you experience any strange issues while taking this medicine, contact your doctor right away.

Eliquis: Empowering Your Clot-Free Journey with Apixaban

When it comes to your heart health, there’s no room for compromise. Eliquis, powered by the exceptional Apixaban, is your key to a life without the shadows of blood clots. At Better You Rx pharmacy, we understand the importance of uninterrupted care, which is why we encourage you to choose Eliquis and experience the freedom it brings.

Your well-being is our priority, and that’s why we want you to stay informed. If you’re taking Eliquis to prevent strokes or blood clots due to atrial fibrillation, rest assured that our experts are here to guide you through the journey. We remind you – never interrupt your Eliquis regimen without consulting your physician. Keep the path to a healthier you open by replenishing your prescription in advance.

Better You Rx pharmacy is your partner in personalized care. Our dedicated team is ready to address your concerns and ensure you have a seamless experience with Eliquis. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, helping you embrace life without the fear of clots.

Don’t let uncertainties stand in your way. Choose Eliquis today and embark on a journey to a brighter, healthier future. Visit Better You Rx pharmacy and take control of your heart health. Because you deserve a life free from the burden of clots – and we’re here to make it happen. Your heart’s safety is our commitment.

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