Lenvima (Lenvatinib)

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

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Benefits of Lenvima (Lenvatinib)

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

Quality of Life: It can help you regain control over your health and well-being.

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

Personalized: Tailored to your specific needs and condition.

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

Hope: Offers the potential for a brighter, healthier future.

Starting Your Journey with Lenvima (lenvatinib)

Embark on your path to recovery with Lenvima. Our dedicated healthcare professionals are here to guide you, address your concerns, and provide unwavering support at every step of your journey.

Lenvima (lenvatinib)
Inqovi (Cedazuridine / Decitabine)

Patient Support and Savings

We understand the challenges you face, and we’re committed to making your journey as smooth as possible. Our support includes:

Patient Assistance: A dedicated team ready to assist you with information and resources.

Financial Relief: Programs to help eligible patients access Lenvima without financial strain.

Educational Resources: Access valuable information and join a community of individuals sharing their experiences.

What is Lenvima (lenvatinib)?

Lenvima is a prescription medication primarily used in the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer, renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer), and, in some cases, unresectable HCC liver cancer. Its active ingredient, Lenvatinib, functions by inhibiting cancer cell signaling pathways, preventing excessive tumor growth and spread. In certain cases, Lenvima may be prescribed alongside Everolimus for the treatment of RCC kidney cancer.

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

How Lenvima (lenvatinib) Works?

Lenvatinib operates by obstructing two critical processes that facilitate the growth of cancer cells: Firstly, it interferes with a protein that stimulates cell division. Secondly, it inhibits the VEGF receptor, responsible for angiogenesis, which is the formation of a blood supply to the tumor. These actions effectively cut off the tumor’s supply of nutrients, impeding its growth.

Lenvima (lenvatinib)

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