Rebif (12Miu) 44 mcg 3 x .5ml


Interferon beta-1a, the foundation of Rebif’s formula, belongs to the type I interferon class of medications. It exerts its effects by influencing the immune response, thereby altering the inflammatory process that leads to demyelination and neurodegeneration in patients with multiple sclerosis. Unlike broad immunosuppressants, Rebif is designed to modulate the immune system selectively, affording it a unique place in the MS treatment landscape. Its injectable form ensures that patients with various forms of relapsing MS have direct access to its potential benefits.



Rebif, with its active ingredient Interferon beta-1a, is at the forefront of therapeutic interventions for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological condition characterized by immune-mediated processes that attack the central nervous system. Marketed under the brand name Rebif, this medication plays a pivotal role in managing the unpredictable relapses and long-term disability often associated with MS. By leveraging the immunomodulatory capabilities of Interferon beta, Rebif strives to slow down the progression of physical disability and decrease the frequency of clinical exacerbations, thereby seeking to maintain the neurological function and enhance a patient’s life quality.

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●Rebif is predominantly indicated for the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis to delay the accumulation of physical disability and minimize the frequency of clinical exacerbations.

Efficacy in MS Management:

●Rebif has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to be effective in patients with relapsing-remitting MS, the most common form of the disease.

Administration Guidelines

Subcutaneous Injection:

●Rebif is administered via subcutaneous injection. Typically, the frequency is three times per week, with at least 48 hours between doses. Proper injection techniques are crucial, and locations should be rotated with each dose to prevent skin irritation and lipoatrophy.

Dosage Forms:

●Rebif comes in pre-filled syringes or Rebiject II autoinjectors to ease self-administration. It is available in dosage strengths of 22 and 44 micrograms, allowing titration to individualized therapeutic needs.

Safety Preclusions

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

●Rebif should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Those who are breastfeeding should also discuss the use of Rebif with their healthcare provider, considering the potential for serious adverse reactions in nursing infants.

Long-term Use:

●Rebif demonstrates a notable safety profile for long-term use in patients with relapsing MS. Liver function tests, blood cell counts, and thyroid function tests are recommended periodically, as Rebif can have effects on these parameters.

Drug Interactions:

●Interactions with other medications may impact Rebif's efficacy and safety. Concomitant use with other drugs affecting the immune system or hematologic profiles requires careful monitoring and sometimes necessitates adjustments in treatment protocol.

Side Effects:

●Injection site reactions
●Flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, chills, muscle aches)
●Elevated liver enzymes

Serious Side Effects:

●Liver injury
●Depression or suicidal thoughts
●Hematological abnormalities (e.g., neutropenia, anemia)


Rebif should be stored in the refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) and protected from light. If refrigeration is unavailable, it can be stored at up to 25°C (77°F) for up to 30 days

Special Precaution

●Individuals receiving Rebif should be monitored for signs of depression and suicidal ideation. Caution is also advised in patients with a history of liver disease, seizures, cardiac disorders, and individuals with a known hypersensitivity to natural or recombinant interferon beta or any other component of the product.


Overdose of Rebif is rare, but any suspected overdose warrants immediate medical evaluation given the serious nature of the condition. Management of overdose includes interruption of Rebif therapy and institution of appropriate supportive treatments.


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