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What is Insulin Glargine? Why should I buy it?

If you were been given a diabetes diagnosis, your doctor might have given you a prescription for insulin glargine. It is an insulin with a long half-life that lowers elevated blood sugar. People with diabetic mellitus take insulin, such as Lantus, to control their blood sugar levels. The definition of insulin glargine suggested dosages, and the pros and cons of the drug are covered in the articles that follow.

Insulin Glargine: What is it?

A type of insulin known as insulin glargine is regarded as one of the long-acting diabetes treatments (much as insulin degludec). After several hours, this injection begins to work, and it continues to do so steadily for around 24 hours. Insulin glargine significantly lowers blood sugar levels, just like all insulin.

The medication insulin glargine is used to treat people with diabetes mellitus. It is made by companies with names including Lantus, Basalgar, and Touejo. In the US, there are no generic equivalents of insulin glargine that are less expensive. However, Insulin Outlet has them for a reasonable price.

Since it requires a prescription, insulin glargine shouldn’t be sold over the counter.

Available dosages for Lantus insulin glargine include:

  • Solostar pen 100 units/ml
  • Vials with 100 units/ml

According to your needs and the circumstances, your doctor will recommend the appropriate dosage. But for Type 1 diabetes, the usual starting dose is 33% of the daily required for insulin, whereas for Type 2, it’s ten units or according to your body weight.

Before consuming Insulin Glargine, should anything be done?

Before using insulin glargine, a prescription, and a doctor’s recommendation are required. Never use insulin glargine without first consulting a doctor and getting their approval. Inform your physician of any allergic reactions you experience. Insulin glargine has a wide range of chemicals, which raises the possibility of an adverse reaction. Inform your doctor of all prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals you are currently using. Give your doctor as much information as possible about your health history and lifestyle because doing so will help them manage your diabetes. 

Do not overlook any information regarding your health, such as (but not limited to): prior organ damage, pregnancy, breastfeeding, exercise regimens, past and upcoming surgeries, alcohol consumption, and dietary changes.

What Is the Function of Insulin Glargine?

Insulin glargine is a long-acting insulin that functions by temporarily replacing the insulin that the body normally produces. Additionally, it aids in the transfer of blood sugar to the body’s other organs for use in generating energy. Additionally, insulin glargine stops the liver from excreting extra sugar.

Synthetic insulin with properties resembling those of human insulin is known as insulin glargine. Insulin glargine injections are given when your body has problems manufacturing enough insulin to last for a lengthy period of time.

Once daily, a liquid solution is administered subcutaneously. Your body needs some time to react to the injection of insulin glargine. Consult a medical expert before combining insulin glargine and fast-acting insulin. Tell them right away if you want to add any more diabetic drugs (such Ozempic or Trulicity).

How to Use Insulin Glargine: 11 Tips

To achieve the absolute best performance of the insulin glargine, strictly adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Be sure to read the directions carefully to comprehend the right administration procedure.
  • You have only 28 days to store the vials and pens at room temperature. Insulin Outlet ships its products in temperature-sensitive packaging to prevent drug spoilage.
  • Be sure to give Insulin glargine at the same time every day. Setting a daily alarm on a mobile device is a smart suggestion that most diabetics utilize to maintain consistency.
  • To avoid lump formation, skin irritation, or skin deformation, rotate the injection site.
  • Ensure that you provide Lantus by subcutaneous injection in the upper arm, belly, or upper thigh region.
  • Avoid injecting insulin glargine into your muscle or vein. The level of your blood sugar will drop significantly. If this does occur and you experience serious adverse effects, get medical help right once.
  • Watch out for mixing or dilution of your insulin glargine. Along with it, your doctor could advise short-acting insulin. Make sure you adhere to their guidelines exactly as stated.
  • It’s not advised to reuse needles. To lessen the chance of infection and improper dosage, use a fresh needle.
  • When using Insulin glargine at first, you can experience elevated fasting blood sugar levels. Check your levels every day, and if there are any problems when transitioning, talk to your doctor.
  • Assume you get low blood sugar while using insulin glargine. It’s possible for you to feel nervous, jittery, weak, short on energy, excessively hungry, sweaty, have a racing heartbeat, be confused, or get the chills. Please seek quick medical assistance if they become severe or concerning.
  • If you experience low blood sugar levels, make sure you ingest some fast-acting sugar in moderation, such as soda, candy, or fruit juice.

Insulin Glargine’s Side Effects

With many medications, there are side effects, and Insulin Glargine is no exception. Again, if the side effects are severe, talk to your doctor or find emergency medical help right away. 

Severe hypoglycemia, allergic reactions, low potassium levels, sinusitis, the common cold, clouding of the eye’s lens, joint pain, swelling, accidental injury, headache, back pain, hand and foot pain, bronchitis, weight gain, diarrhea, nausea, excessive hunger, restless sleep, drowsiness, unusual tiredness or weakness, seizures, chills and cold sweat, blurred vision, seizures, shakiness, slurred speech, dizziness,

The uncommon adverse effects of insulin glargine include rapid heartbeat, perspiration, difficulty breathing, and itching or skin rash all over the body.

If the adverse effects continue to annoy you, your doctor will advise you to switch insulin or will suggest alternative treatments if necessary.

With insulin glargine, an overdose is conceivable. This might happen if your insulin levels are too high or if your diet and exercise routine are inconsistent. Please go to the closest medical facility as soon as you can if your side effects are painful and severe, or call your doctor.

How Should Insulin Glycine Be Stored?

Retain any unopened vials and pens of insulin glargine in the refrigerator. Avert freezing of the insulin glargine. If it happens, even after it has been thawed, avoid using the frozen insulin glargine. Avoid exposing insulin glargine to heat or sunlight as this could potentially reduce its effectiveness.

Insulin glargine pens and vials should be used within 28 days of being taken out of the refrigerator after usage. The insulin must be thrown after 28 days. Vials that have been opened need to be kept chilled or at room temperature. It is necessary to keep used pens at room temperature. Throw away any insulin that has been subjected to high heat.  This medication should not be disposed of in the toilet.

Keep insulin glargine out of the reach of kids and animals since its constituents can have serious negative effects, such as poisoning.


Long-acting insulin is known as insulin glargine. Although it takes a while to start working, it keeps blood sugar levels under control for at least 24 hours. Diabetics must be aware of the diverse range of insulin kinds. Because Humulin and Humalog have similar names, mixing the two can have major health consequences. 

Insulin glargine is used to treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and can decrease the disease’s progression. However, keep in mind that it just aids in managing diabetes and is not a cure.

Despite the fact that this article provides information about insulin glargine, it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor before using the medication since they can evaluate your particular circumstances and advise you on the best course of action.

Make sure you strictly adhere to your doctor’s instructions and consistently take the prescribed dosage. Although insulin glargine has certain side effects, you should keep an eye on them and talk to your doctor about them so you can determine the best course of action for managing your diabetes.

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