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Ipravent 0.06% 15ml

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Ipravent contains Ipratropium Bromide, which works by blocking the action of acetylcholine at parasympathetic sites in bronchial smooth muscle leading to bronchodilation. It helps alleviate symptoms like wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Unlike some fast-acting inhalers, Ipravent is used regularly to control and prevent symptoms and is not designated for relief of acute bronchospasm.



Ipravent, known scientifically as ipratropium bromide, is a prescription medication primarily used to treat symptoms of lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is classified as an anticholinergic bronchodilator, which relaxes and opens the air passages to the lungs, making breathing easier. Ipravent is commonly available as an inhaler or nebulizer solution.

Additional information


Ipravent is indicated for:

● The maintenance treatment of bronchospasm associated with COPD.
● As a preventive treatment for symptoms of bronchial asthma.

Patients are advised to:

● Use Ipravent as prescribed by their healthcare provider.
● Follow instructions for the inhaler or nebulizer device to ensure proper delivery and dosing of the medication.


● If using an inhaler, the usual dose is one or two puffs to be inhaled three or four times daily.
● Patients should use the prescribed dose for nebulizer solutions, usually 3 to 4 times a day.


● Ipravent should not be used by individuals allergic to Ipratropium or atropine and its derivatives.
● It is not meant as a primary treatment for acute asthma attacks or COPD exacerbations.
● Caution is advised for individuals with narrow-angle glaucoma, urinary retention, or enlarged prostate.

Drug Interactions:

● Patients should inform their healthcare provider about all other medications they are taking to avoid potential drug interactions.

Side Effects

Common side effects may include:

● Dry mouth
● Cough
● Headache
● Dizziness
● Nervousness

Serious side effects requiring immediate medical attention may include:

● Difficulty in breathing or worsening of breathing problems.
● Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat that may cause difficulty swallowing, breathing, or sudden collapse.
● Frequent urination, pain while urinating, or difficulty urinating.


● Store Ipravent at room temperature, between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C), away from heat and direct sunlight.
● Do not freeze the medication.
● Keep the inhaler or solution away from children.

Special Precautions

Before using Ipravent, patients should disclose if they:

● Have any other medical conditions, especially glaucoma, prostate, or urinary problems.
● Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding, as the effects on the fetus and infants are not well established.


An overdose of Ipravent can lead to symptoms such as rapid heart rate, dry mouth, blurred vision, dizziness, and palpitations. In case of suspected overdose, medical attention should be sought immediately.


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