Koselugo (Selumetinib sulfate)

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

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Benefits of Koselugo (Selumetinib sulfate)

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

Tumor Management: Koselugo helps control tumor growth.

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

Enhanced Quality of Life: It offers the potential for a brighter future with fewer symptoms.

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

Tailored to You: Koselugo is personalized to your unique needs and condition.

Starting Your Journey with Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

Your journey towards managing neurofibromatosis starts now. We are committed to providing you with the guidance and support you need. Our healthcare professionals are here to answer your questions and stand by your side every step of the way.

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)
Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

Patient Support and Savings

We understand the challenges you face. That’s why Koselugo offers:

Patient Support: A dedicated team to provide information and resources.

Financial Assistance: Programs to help eligible patients access Koselugo without financial burden.

Educational Materials: Access to valuable information and a community of individuals sharing their experiences.

What is Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)?

KOSELUGO (selumetinib) is a prescribed medication indicated for children aged 2 years and older diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) presenting with plexiform neurofibromas not amenable to full surgical removal. Its safety and efficacy in children under 2 years are unknown.

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

How Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate) Works?

The active component in Koselugo, selumetinib, inhibits MEK1 and MEK2 enzymes (MEK1/2) responsible for promoting cell growth. In NF1, these enzymes are hyperactive, leading to uncontrolled tumor cell growth. Koselugo’s action in blocking these enzymes helps mitigate tumor cell growth.

Koselugo (Selumetinib Sulfate)

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