Metrogel 1% 55g

MetroGel: Comprehensive Skin Care for Rosacea

Prominently recognized for its efficiency in addressing rosacea, MetroGel shines as a top-tier solution for managing this skin condition, dramatically reducing the inflammation and redness it causes.

Benefits of MetroGel

MetroGel effectively treats rosacea

MetroGel helps soothe inflamed skin

MetroGel reduces redness and the appearance of blood vessels

Getting Started with MetroGel

At BetterYouRX, your health and well-being are paramount. Our experienced team is always ready to answer all your questions and address any health-related apprehensions. Get in touch with us at 1-647-576-2076 or 1-917-472-1249. We strive to assist and guide you toward optimal health.

Side Effects

Acknowledge and recognize the potential side effects of MetroGel to experience the best results. Here are some common side effects:

Common Side Effects:


  • Dryness or redness of the skin
  • Unusual numbness or tingling in the skin
  • Mild skin irritation or burning
  • Stinging or itching

Severe Side Effects:

  • Allergic reactions like hives, breathing difficulty, swelling of face/lips
  • Watery or bloody diarrhea
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Fragmented vision


If you suspect an overdose, immediately seek medical help or contact the nearest poison control center. Symptoms demanding immediate medical attention include seizures, extreme dizziness, and loss of coordination.

Missed Dose

Missed a dose? Take it as soon as you remember. If the scheduled time for your next dose is near, skip the missed one and get back on track with your regular schedule. Never double your dosage, as it can cause potential complications.


Store MetroGel at room temperature, away from light and moisture. Always keep this medicine out of the reach of children and pets, and follow local medicinal disposal regulations for unused or expired medications.

How Much is MetroGel 0.75%?

At BetterYouRX, your health comes first. We offer 60 grams of MetroGel 0.75% for $239.99. We tailor our healthcare services to meet your individual requirements, ensuring access to quality healthcare at your convenience.

What is MetroGel?

MetroGel is a topical gel medication, primarily comprised of the antibiotic Metronidazole. It is mostly used to treat skin conditions like rosacea, characterized by redness and visible blood vessels on the face.

How Does MetroGel Work?

MetroGel reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin associated with rosacea. Metronidazole, its active ingredient, works as an effective antibiotic against certain bacteria and parasites.

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