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The New Diabetes Guidelines: An Overview

The American Diabetes Association recently released the comprehensive “Standards in Care in Diabetes – 2023” guide on December 12, 2022. This guide covers crucial aspects, including diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Concerned about the guide’s content? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we provide a rundown of the key highlights from the new diabetes guidelines.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

The guide’s sole recommendation for diabetes diagnosis advocates for point-of-care A1C testing instead of lab-drawn A1C testing. The primary purpose behind this approach is to expedite results, allowing physicians to discuss treatment options with patients during their visit and potentially prevent the progression to type 2 diabetes for those at risk.

Treatment of Diabetes

The 2023 guidelines emphasize several significant recommendations for diabetes treatment:


  1. Establishing Team-based Care: A shift towards team-based care is suggested, with community health workers playing a crucial role in providing advocacy, education, and support to individuals affected by diabetes.
  2. Incorporating Psychosocial Care: Recognizing the impact of mental health on diabetes management, the guidelines highlight the importance of screening for mental health issues and ensuring better access to mental health treatment.
  3. Utilizing Medications for Heart and Kidney Disease: As diabetes patients often face kidney and heart disease risks, the guide recommends medications like SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, and finerenone for managing kidney and heart conditions while also lowering glucose levels.
  4. Preventing Amputations Through Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening: Regular screening for peripheral arterial disease can lead to early detection and timely treatment, potentially preventing amputations.

Prevention of Diabetes

The guide also outlines essential prevention recommendations:

  1. Screening for Sleep Problems: Frequent screening for sleep apnea and insomnia can help identify and address sleep problems that contribute to diabetes risk.
  2. Screening for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Regular screening, especially using the FIB-4 test, aids in detecting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which has become increasingly common in diabetics.
  3. Checking for Food Insecurity: Addressing food insecurity, particularly in underserved areas, is essential in preventing diabetes. The guide suggests a series of questions to screen for food insecurity and implement interventions where needed.
  4. Managing Weight: Weight management is emphasized as a vital aspect of diabetes care, with the guide highlighting the importance of weight loss for improved glucose management and reduced cardiovascular disease risk.

In summary, the 2023 diabetes guidelines present a comprehensive approach to diabetes management and prevention, emphasizing the integration of team-based care, psychosocial support, and early screenings for various conditions. Following these guidelines in 2023 can significantly impact diabetes outcomes and overall patient well-being.

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