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Rybelsus: Identifying Genuine From Fake – Key Features and Considerations

When it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, trust forms a crucial component of your relationship with your medication. Rybelsus, also known as semaglutide, is a highly effective solution, but it holds its potency only when you can guarantee its authenticity.

This guide is here to help you identify genuine Rybelsus, recognize the risks associated with consuming counterfeit medication, and overcome hurdles of affordability and availability to acquire your medication safely and conveniently. With the support offered by Better You RX, you can ensure the quality and safety of your medication purchased from Canada and delivered to your doorstep in the US.

Genuine Rybelsus vs. Counterfeit Rybelsus: What to Look for

Recognizing what genuine Rybelsus looks like and understanding how to spot possible counterfeit versions will safeguard your health and optimize your diabetes management. Rybelsus comes in three different dosages: 3 mg, 7 mg, and 14 mg. Here’s a detailed look at distinguishing features to help you identify the genuine product:

  • Rybelsus 3 mg tablets

Genuine Rybelsus 3 mg tablets are white to light yellow in color, oval-shaped, and embossed with “3” on one side and “novo” on the other side. The tablets come in a bottle packed inside a white box with green and orange designs. The bottle is white with a green label and a blue cap. Look for a National Drug Code (NDC) of 0169-4303-30 on the box.

  • Rybelsus 7 mg tablets

Like the 3 mg dose, the 7 mg tablets are white to light-yellow and oval-shaped but bear “7” on one side and “novo” on the other. They are enclosed in a bottle inside a white box with red and orange designs. The bottle has a white body with a red label and a blue cap attached. The NDC code is 0169-4307-30.

  • Rybelsus 14 mg tablets

The 14 mg dosage comes as an oval-shaped white to light-yellow tablet. The pill is marked with the number “14” on one side and “novo” on the other. The packaging includes a bottle packed inside a white box with blue and orange designs. The bottle features a blue label and cap. The NDC is 0169-4314-30.

Note: The manufacturer previously packaged Rybelsus in ten tablets in blister packs. If you come across such packaging, check the expiration date on the package.

How to Identify Counterfeit Rybelsus

After receiving your shipment, it’s advisable to scrutinize the packaging and the pills. If they appear as described above or shown on our website, you will likely deal with genuine Rybelsus. In case of uncertainty, look out for the following red flags:

  • Examine the tablets: Rybelsus is a tablet, not a capsule. If you received capsules, they aren’t Rybelsus; they are potentially counterfeits.
  • Validate the NDC: Ensure the NDCs on the box and bottle match those listed above. You could call the manufacturer at 1-800-727-6500 to confirm if they don’t.
  • Inspect the packaging: Verify that the colors, designs, and wording on your packaging and medication match those in the descriptions above or shown on our website.

What Risks Do Counterfeit Rybelsus Pose?

Consumption of counterfeit Rybelsus can introduce several risks, including:

  • Inaccurate dosage or lack of active ingredient
  • The presence of additional substances not found in genuine Rybelsus
  • Heightened risk of contamination
  • Inappropriate packaging, affecting potency
  • Absence of ingredients facilitating the absorption of Rybelsus

If you suspect having consumed counterfeit Rybelsus, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Where to Find Authentic Rybelsus

You can locate authentic Rybelsus at your local pharmacy or from trusted online sources, such as Better You RX, which connects you reliably and affordably to Canadian pharmacies. Remember that Rybelsus always requires a prescription from a healthcare provider to ensure safety and effectiveness.

In Case You Have Counterfeit Rybelsus

In the unfortunate event that you receive counterfeit Rybelsus, avoid consumption, and ensure to report it to the appropriate authorities:

  • Inform the manufacturer: Novo Nordisk cares about the authenticity and safety of its products. You can report the issue by calling 1-800-727-6500.
  • Contact the FDA: If you purchased Rybelsus online, complete the FDA’s form to report the counterfeit product.

Medication Accessibility Simplified with Better You RX

At Better You RX, we understand the importance of having affordable and easy access to much-needed medications like Rybelsus. We strive to bridge gaps in medication affordability and accessibility by providing an easy, secure platform for US residents to buy medications sourced from Canada, promising quality, cost-saving, and comprehensive health support.

Visit Better You RX and be assured of a reliable, affordable, and convenient solution to your medication needs.

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