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Victoza vs. Trulicity

What exactly is trulicity?

Trulicity is a GLP-1 or glucagonlike peptide-1 analog that functions by boosting the pancreas’ production of the hormone insulin. Additionally, it slows digestion and prevents the release of glucagon. To lower high blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes (T2D), this drug is combined with a diet and exercise regimen. Additionally, it might be recommended to T2D patients who are overweight in an effort to help them lose weight. Using it to treat type 1 diabetes (T1D) is not advised. Syringes pre-filled with Trulicity are sold. Only those who have a valid prescription may use this drug, which is typically injected under the skin once a week.

You should administer this medication as prescribed by your doctor, usually on the same day of the week at the same time. It’s important to know how many days there are until your next dose should you miss one. You should wait until your next dose if there are less than three days between your next dose and skip the one you missed. On the other hand, you ought to take your missed dose as soon as you remember it if it will be more than three days until your next dose.

Victoza, what exactly is it?

Victozaworks by lowering excessive blood sugar levels in persons with type 2 diabetes and is identical to the hormone naturally produced by the pancreas. Patients are typically given this drug when other diabetic medications have failed to control blood sugar levels. T1D should not be treated with it, though. Usually, one dose of this drug is used each day. With or without food, you can administer this drug intravenously at any point during the day. If the fluid’s color changes or if you can see particles inside of it, do not use this medication. Call your doctor instead to get advice.

Victoza and Trulicity: Similarities and Variations


T2D is treated with Trulicity and Victoza, respectively. Both of these drugs act by boosting the body’s insulin release because they alter GLP-1. A hormone that is created by the pancreas is known as insulin. For energy, this hormone that occurs spontaneously transports glucose into the cells. To lower high blood sugar in those with T2D, both medications are used with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, T1D should not be treated with these drugs. They can be used by persons with T2D to lose weight in addition to regulating blood sugar levels. The fact that both medicines are administered through subcutaneous injection is another similarity. If you are unsure about how to inject oneself correctly and securely, you should refrain from doing so. How to correctly take these drugs at home will be explained to you by your doctor. When injecting these drugs, alternate injection locations each time. Never administer Trulicity or Victoza twice in the same area. These drugs can be injected in the upper arm, stomach, or thigh, among other areas.

The variations

Victoza is often taken once day, whilst Trulicity is only given once per week. Trulicity‘s dose is 0.75 mg, whilst Victoza is 1.8 mg. Dulaglutide is sold under the trade name Trulicity, whereas liraglutide is sold under the trade name Victoza.

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