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How Do Tresiba and Lantus Differ From One Another?

Tresiba and Lantus square off in today’s insulin battle! In case you are unfamiliar with these two brands, they are drugs that are used to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, respectively. Both Tresiba and Lantus are long-acting insulins that stay in the bloodstream for a very long time after being injected. Tresiba is insulin degludec, whereas Lantus is insulin glargine. Despite the fact that people mistakenly believe they are comparable because of their length, they actually differ quite a bit. These insulin medicines are prescribed by doctors to diabetic individuals in order to manage blood sugar levels. We go into great detail about both of them in this essay.

What are Lantus and Tresiba, respectively?

It would be best to quickly review each competitor’s history before we go on to the main event. 


A few hours after being put into the bloodstream, the insulin medication Tresiba starts to work. Insulin degludec, an extremely potent ingredient in Tresiba, functions similarly to the pancreas’ own natural insulin. Under the skin, Tresiba can be injected using FlexTouch pens (100 units and 200 units). The use of injection pens over the conventional vial and syringe approach is preferred by many diabetics.


Another injectable medication used to lower blood sugar or avoid increases in the bloodstream is Lantus, which is administered once daily. Lantus, also known as insulin glargine, is a medication that can be used alone or in combination with other medicines. Unlike Tresiba, Lantus is injected and starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream. Lantus is also offered by SoloStar Pens, injectable pens.

Let the battle between Tresiba and Lantus begin!

You should be aware of the similarities and differences between Tresiba and Lantus.


Both of them can be injected and given using a syringe or an injection pen. They are only given once a day through injection just beneath the skin.

Users are recommended to take Tresiba and Lantus at the same time each day as taking them at regular intervals is highly important. They both use injection pens and cartridges, which give them similar functionality. 

The illness they both treat is another resemblance. As previously discussed, Tresiba and Lantus are used to help diabetics regulate blood glucose rises.


Lantus and Tresiba both have the ability to lower blood sugar levels, however, they differ in a few ways. Lantus and Tresiba both stay in the bloodstream for a considerable amount of time, however, Tresiba has a significantly longer half-life than both Lantus and the majority of other long-acting insulins currently available. Tresiba lasts up to 42 hours after injection, whilst Lantus can stay active for up to 24 hours. This explains Tresiba’s higher price compared to Lantus the best. Tresiba, which was released in 2015, costs twice as much as Lantus, which was released in 2000. Tresiba may cause fever, diarrhea, or body aches, but Lantus may result in anxiety, impaired vision, or confusion. They may have various adverse effects.

Lantus and Tresiba’s primary components

The active ingredients of these drugs vary. While Lantus includes insulin glargine, Tresiba had insulin degludec. Long-lasting insulin functions to maintain a constant blood sugar level while it is still present in the bloodstream.

How are Lantus and Tresiba Used?

Blood sugar levels are managed with the use of Tresiba and Lantus. Here is a brief list of the conditions they are used to treat.

Tresiba is used to control blood sugar levels in people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, including children and older adults.

The minimum age requirement for Lantus is 6 years or older, and it is used to regulate blood sugar levels in both children and adults. Patients with Type 1 diabetes who use Lantus can control their blood sugar levels.

Lantus vs. Tresiba: Dosage, Forms, and Application

Tresiba and Lantus are offered in a variety of liquid formulations and are sold as;

Insulin is contained in the vial, which must be opened using a fresh thread and needle.

Prefilled pens: With prefilled pens, the insulin is already present within the pen, and you need a fresh needle to give it just like with a vial. Pens that have been prefilled should only be used once or not at all if the ink inside has expired. Prefilled pens from Tresiba and Lantus both bear the FlexTouch brand, as was already mentioned.

Dosage-Determining Factors

There are so many variables that affect dose, including:

  • The User’s Age
  • Weight
  • Currently in use is insulin

Tresiba and Lantus Alternating

The appropriateness of transferring from one medicine to another, such as from Tresiba to Lantus or vice versa, is a frequently asked subject. The answer is yes, however, it all relies on the recommendations from your doctor. Without medical advice, switching medications can be risky and can result in low or high blood sugar, which can cause uncomfortable symptoms or even death. Because of this, diabetes drugs should only be taken as strictly prescribed and under the supervision of a medical professional.

The side effects of changing medications could include hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This is due to Tresiba’s significantly more potent and protracted action compared to Lantus.

Your doctor will monitor how your body responds to the new medicine if they decide to advise switching medications. If you experience severe adverse effects, your dosage may need to be reduced. Doctors’ recommendations for dosage are based on three factors:

  • Insulin potency
  • The maker
  • Administration method

Observe the following as well:

You will need to change your dosage while transitioning from Tresiba to Lantus because Lantus doesn’t stay active for as long as Tresiba does.

The number of daily shots will remain the same if you go from Lantus to Tresiba.

How Effective Are Lantus and Tresiba?

For regulating blood sugar in diabetics, Tresiba and Lantus are particularly effective. Both drugs are highly successful, according to the American Diabetes Association. But because Tresiba protects the system during the night, scientists agree that it is much more effective than Lantus. However, as a whole, they are excellent drugs for controlling blood sugar.

Concluding Remarks

Two long-acting insulin medicines, Tresiba and Lantus, are used to control blood sugar in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Tresiba has a substantially longer half-life than Lantus, lasting up to 42 hours compared to just 24 hours for the latter. Please be aware that we do not support self-medication, which is highly unwise. It is essential that you speak with a healthcare provider before taking any of these medications so they can assess your situation and determine which medications would be best for you.

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